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If you aim to export;


We are ready to work with your company to promote and market your products all over the world.

You can register for free on our website.

We will be able to market your products easier if you send information and pictures about the goods you produce.

We will receive our fee from the goods you have sold and the amount of such fee will be determined as a commission rate varying between 3% and 10% depending on our pre-sales agreement. We will collect this commission fee after you receive the price of the product you have exported.

We will provide you with purchase demands, upon which you will decide whether to work with any of them or whether to respond to these demands or not.

You will determine your sales conditions and product prices during each sale.

If you wish, we can perform your export through a local company.


If you aim to import goods from abroad;


Please send us the technical information and pictures of the product you want to buy, state the amount of product you demand and how long this demand will last.

Then we will provide you with the offers of companies selling this product.

When you decide to purchase, we will work to supply such for you under the conditions you specify.

Once you receive the product, we will collect the above-stated commission fee which we have agreed upon before the purchase order.


We won't charge a fee that you will pay in advance or in the event that no export or import occurs.

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