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Presenting its knowledge and experience in the urban furniture and lighting sector with a distinctive line and quality, the design and manufacturing area of APKE Group includes playgrounds, lighting poles, urban furniture, camellias, sitting benches, garbage cans, etc. All kinds of indoor and outdoor products.

ALKE Group, which has been serving for 25 years with our staff with high technical knowledge and experience, produces in two main branches, metal and wood. With an understanding of institutionalism rather than individuality, we provide services in many provinces of Turkey, especially in Eskişehir, including construction companies, hospitals, public institutions and organizations, municipalities, landscape companies, shopping centers and business centers.

Our Mission

By creating high quality, innovative and different products in the sectors in which we operate, meeting with consumers in Turkey as well as in the world and meeting expectations at the highest level with a wide product range.

our vision

By keeping its products and services in international quality standards and customer focus at the highest level in the sector; To increase the respectable, reliable and preferred features and to carry them to the international arena.

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