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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Subscribe?

You can subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button at the bottom of the Home Page.


How can I become a member?

You can create a membership from the member login in the upper right corner of the home page.


How do I purchase Paid Plans?

You can purchase the plan that is suitable for you under the "Saving Plans" on the Home Page.


How can I make a payment?

You can pay with Credit Card, Apple Pay and Wire Transfer.


How should I send the picture and technical information of my products?

You can send it to by adding a short information about your company.


Could you give some information about yourself?

You can get information by clicking the “ABOUT US” button on the menu on the Home Page.


How can I reach you?

Fill out the form by clicking the "CONTACT" button on the main page, or send an e-mail to .


I have a product for sale, is there a current customer or current demand?

You can purchase one of the “Saving Plans” for the answer to this question. Or, if you want a one-time up-to-date information, you can purchase this service for once by clicking the "Who Wants My Product" button under "Saving Plans" on the home page.


How do you find customers for our products?

We crawl web-based data all over the world. In addition, we collect the requests coming directly to our site and the requests made from our embassies, filter them and present them to you.


Where is your company headquarters?

Our Company's Headquarters and Registration address is London-England.

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