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Do not suffer from high inflation and fluctuations in exchange rates around the world. Current global conditions are challenging and serious. You may experience a raw material supply problem. Be prepared.

1. Make sure to use your money by storing raw materials.
2. Try to make your raw material connections with long-term companies that can deliver the goods you have worked for on time.
3. In long-term purchase contracts, impose severe deterrent penal clauses on delivery and payment of the goods.
4. If you are importing, make CIF purchases if possible.
5. In spot purchases, be careful to pay after the goods are delivered and checked.
6. When determining the export price, do not forget to calculate the current expense and raw material prices.
7. Put the raw material of the product you sell in its place on the same day.
8. Do not sign long-term sales contracts. Even if you sign, do not impose penal clauses.
9. If possible, buy your product ex-works or FOB.
10. In CIF sales, immediately convert the Buyer's letters of credit into cash using a loan from your bank in your local currency. Don't forget to add the credit costs to your product price. You may incur a loss until the goods are delivered to the port of the buyer.

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